Specializing in Lightweight Honeycomb Doors and Panels
For US Naval, US Coast Guard and Train Applications

 Our Products Include:

  • Ship Compartment Doors 
  • Light Weight MJ Doors
  • Ultra Lightweight MJ Doors
  • Fume-Tight Fire Zone Doors 
  • Decontamination Area Doors 
  • Balance Doors   
  • Transportable Shelter Doors 
  • Light Weight Aluminum Panels 
  • Light Weight Nomex Panels 
  • Stainless Steel Panels 
  • Transit Car Doors
  • Rail Vehicle End Doors



Leading Developer and Manufacturer
Advanced Structures is a leading developer and manufacturer of lightweight Marine Joiner products for the US Navy & Coast Guard.  Most honeycomb Bulkheads, Partitions, and MJ Doors were designed by our company for the FFG -7 & DD-963 programs in the 1970's, and this construction subsequently been used in the DDG 51 Class ships among others. 

Our Company has helped save 25 TONS of ships weight on the FFG-7 program and over 37 TONS on the DDG-51 thru the use of our lightweight honeycomb MJ Bulkhead Panels and Doors.  

Our on time , under budget completion of CVN -76 USS Ronald Reagan MJ Doors more recently helped our company to be awarded the CVN-77 USS George Bush MJ Doors that we are currently producing for Newport News.

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